You love your classic car, but you know that passion alone doesn’t keep your prized car in prime shape – fortunately, there are some practical things you can do to make sure that your car is receiving the attention it rightfully deserves. Owning a classic car should be more pleasure than stress, and implementing small steps to take care of your vehicle pays off, and it can save you from bigger troubles later on.


Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Car In Prime Shape


  • Make sure your car gets regular checkups. Ensuring that an expert periodically takes a look at your collector vehicle is an important part of keeping it at its best. Letting issues go unnoticed can result in serious problems later, so a checkup can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today!


  • Ensure that it is not exposed to the elements. Letting weather and the elements wreak damage – whether subtle or glaringly obvious – on your beautiful classic vehicle can be detrimental. Your car is too valuable to allow prolonged, unprotected exposure to occur, so it is important to take steps to keep your car protected from the natural elements by keeping it covered, preferably in a garage.


  • Don’t forget to have the oil changed regularly. Your classic car needs to have its oil changed just as your everyday vehicle needs it. It can be easy to forget how important it is to have the fluids in a classic car checked on a regular basis, but it helps your vehicle stay in good running condition so that it is ready when you need it.


  • Keep your classic car clean. This may seem obvious, but your car is going to stay in much nicer condition if you clean it thoroughly and regularly. Filth can build up without you noticing, and it is not something to let go – clean your vehicle whenever possible, and the difference can be striking. Another thing to keep in mind is that waxing your car whenever you can does a world of good in maintaining its lustre and aesthetic appeal.


  • Lastly, it is incredibly important to make sure that you have a classic car insurance policy that properly covers your vehicle, so that if something happens and you find yourself needing to get it repaired or replaced, you will have the means to take care of the situation. You just can’t take chances when it comes to your car, and keeping your classic vehicle in excellent shape is vitally important, as is making sure it has the coverage that will safeguard it from the mishaps that you cannot protect it from on your own.


We won’t call this one of the tips – since, after all,  it would make the Top 6 list instead of the Top 5 – but make sure you take it out for a spin! While it is important to handle your vehicle with care, your classic car actually needs to be taken out once in a while in order to keep it in tip-top shape. Sitting dormant isn’t a positive, so go for a drive! With warmer days hopefully ahead of us and more drive time on the horizon, your classic car needs to be shown off – and you deserve the pleasure of taking it out and about. Having fun should be part of owning a classic car, and it is important to be reminded of that every once in a while.


Giving Your Classic Car the Care It Needs


Seeking out ways to protect your classic is something you do instinctually, but it is always good to be reminded of things we can do to help protect our cars. Your classic vehicle is a gem, and it deserves to be well-maintained in the best possible ways. By taking steps to keep your car at its finest, you can add to your car’s longevity and keep it looking gorgeous and running splendidly.

We believe there is every reason that a car like yours should get the care it needs, and by being proactive, you can keep your car well-maintained so that you can get many years of enjoyment from it! If you have any questions about insuring your classic car, contact us today at (800) 787-7637 and we can help you accomplish your goal of fully safeguarding your vehicle.