It is officially springtime! The gorgeous, joyful season of spring is finally here, and it is the time of year that we do our spring cleaning and re-attach our porch swings and get our beautiful classic cars ready for the season. As we all look forward to warmer days ahead, you are likely looking forward to taking your classic car out. After all, you want to make sure that it is in tip-top condition when you take it out, and properly prepping it can make a huge difference in the long run.

Things can happen while our cars are sitting during the winter season, and it is incredibly important that you thoroughly check your car for any issues and that you fully prep it for the spring. After all, you don’t want to find that there was an issue that you missed because you didn’t thoroughly check everything during prepping. You know that your classic car is no ordinary vehicle, and you take special care of it. When you prep your car for spring, you take unwavering care with details. However, we all need reminders (and checklists!) sometimes, since there are so many different things that need to be checked and prepped for the new season, and it is all too easy to forget an important step in the rush of taking care of other things.

Tips To Get the Most Out of Prepping Your Classic Car

  • Examine the engine. As we all know, your engine needs to be in good working order. Making sure that the engine is good to go is a facet of getting your classic car ready for the season that you cannot skimp on, and you will benefit from checking it often – and especially when you are getting your car ready for spring.
  • Check to see that nothing is broken. Long periods of disuse can cause issues to come up with materials like plastic and rubber, and it is important to make sure that nothing has cracked or stopped functioning. Better to discover any issues now rather than later – it can save you a world of trouble and money. It is also important to make sure that no rodents have made a home under your classic car’s hood – it happens more often than you would think, especially in states like Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana that have cold winter months.
  • This is an excellent time to change the oil and to make certain that there are no pesky leaks. This is a new season, and many car experts say that you should change the oil in your vehicles at least once a year regardless of the miles driven in between an oil change. You want to make sure you have given your car the attention it needs after a long winter, and an oil change is something to put on your prepping checklist.
  • Check the tires. They may have to be filled before your car is ready to take on the new season. Is it time to change your tires? While your classic car doesn’t wear out tires like your everyday vehicle, it still needs to have it’s tires changed after a point. You don’t want to run into issues with your tires later on, so checking them now is the best choice.
  • Give your interior a good cleaning. After sitting for the winter, your classic car’s interior deserves a good vacuuming. You may have to use leather conditioner (or vinyl conditioner, depending on your interior) on the interior as well. When your classic car’s interior looks its best, it deepens your enjoyment – and shows off your car’s rich beauty.

Giving Your Classic Car the Care It Deserves

Your classic car deserves the most attentive care, and when you prep your vehicle for spring, you are investing in it in ways that have a lasting impact. The  meticulous care you give your classic car will help keep it in the great condition it deserves to be in, and that is something you should be proud of. If you need a classic car insurance policy for your vehicle or want to review your classic car insurance policy with us, don’t hesitate to contact us today or stop in our Indiana office, so that we can help you safeguard your beautiful classic car both now and in the future. Now go prep your classic car and meet spring with open arms!