Your modified car is your pride and joy – as it should be! There are many reasons you love your modified car. It is an expression of yourself, a way to display your tastes, as well as a remarkable car – and something that special should be safeguarded well. After all, you cannot prevent issues from occasionally coming up, but you can ensure that you have the modified car insurance you need to take care of those unforeseen issues.


Modified car insurance protects your “hot rod” or modified car so that you can safeguard your special vehicle the way it deserves. This is no everyday car, and you want to make sure that it gets the insurance coverage that will take care of its unique features. Your car should have the insurance policy that takes into consideration what its needs really are and treats it as the amazing hot rod it is.


Important Facets of Modified Car Insurance

  • No doubt about it, agreed value is one of the most important facets of a good modified car insurance policy. The money invested into making your modified car what it is today is significant and adds so much to the car’s value, and that needs to be recognised. Agreed value is simply the amount that you would be paid should something happen and your car be declared a total loss. The reason this is so important is a regular car, under actual cash value, would be assessed at the time of the accident (and depreciation and other factors would lessen its value and what you receive for it) whereas with agreed value, your modified car’s monetary value has been settled beforehand – and the amount you previously agreed on is what you would get. You need to ensure that your policy takes into account the thousands of dollars that have been poured into your hot rod.


  • Year round coverage is a wonderful thing. You may live in a region that offers you sunshine and beachy breezes all year long, or you may live in an area that snows three months out of the year. Regardless of where you call home, year round coverage allows you to take your car out without worrying about if you have coverage that day – because with year round coverage, the answer is you do! When a gorgeous day beckons you to take your car out for a spin, it shouldn’t bring worry to your mind – it should bring a smile to your face! With the help of the right insurance agency – and the modified car insurance policy that enhances your freedom – you can enjoy your hot rod to the fullest.


  • With the right modified car insurance policy, you get the claims options that give you the choices you deserve. It doesn’t make a difference whether or not you were the one to make the modifications on your car – your love for it is just as strong either way. If the occasion arises where your vehicle has to be worked on or fixed up, you don’t want just anyone touching your car. You deserve to have the ability to choose who you want working on your car – after all, your car is not something to treat lightly. You should not have to settle when it comes to taking care of your hot rod, and having the ability to have options concerning claims is a huge part of protecting your modified vehicle.


You want to ensure that your modified car is protected from any issues that may come up down the road, and you deserve to have the coverage that best protects your vehicle. We all know that even when we are extremely careful, we can’t avoid all mishaps, so being prepared is the only way to be. The right modified car insurance helps you take care of your hot rod so that you can enjoy it for many more years.


Safeguarding Your Modified Car Now and In the Future

Your modified car means a lot to you, and naturally, you want the best for it. Here at Collector Car Insurance, we fully understand that desire – and we want to help you protect the car you love. Contact us today at (800) 787-7637 so that we can help you find the modified car insurance policy for your vehicle. Getting the right modified car insurance policy for your hot rod is one of the best steps you can take to safeguard it.