You love your classic car. And let’s face it; you have every reason to. It is stunning to look at, sweet to drive, and is all around glorious. You take excellent care of your classic car, but you also love to drive it – and so you might understandably be wondering if you can get the coverage you want and need for your vehicle and still have the ability to take it out for a drive to work or someplace similar.  After all, you get so much enjoyment from your classic car, and you don’t want to lose the ability to take it to work once in a while. You might be asking yourself, Can I drive my classic car to work and still get classic car insurance for it?

That is an excellent question, and…drumroll…the answer is yes, you still can when you have a classic car insurance policy. You can drive your classic beauty to work and still get classic car insurance for it, and while you do have to own another car to use on a daily basis, most insurance carriers that we work with are understanding and very open to it. There is no good reason you can’t drive your classic car into work once in a while – after all, a car like that ought to be seen, and you should be able to show it off from time to time. It is only right that you get to enjoy your car the way it was originally meant to be enjoyed: being driven and even shown off a little.

Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Looking to Buy Classic Car Insurance

  • You do need to have another vehicle for daily use. In order for your classic car to qualify for classic car insurance, you will need to be able to drive another vehicle on a daily basis. Also, every licensed driver in your household needs to have an individual vehicle for daily use, so that you gorgeous classic car won’t find itself a beast of burden.
  • Your classic car has to be in good condition to qualify for classic car insurance classics that are stripped do not qualify for the coverage. However, if you are thinking about driving your car to work, this is clearly not an issue for your classic car’s situation. (If you are currently restoring your classic, we do have specific coverage we offer for that type of project as well)
  • Your classic car deserves to be treated with special care – and if your car meets the requirements, classic car insurance can be a great fit for you and your vehicle. It should not prevent you from fully enjoying it and taking it out once in a while.
  • With the right classic car insurance policy, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing you are prepared. There is every reason to take the steps that will safeguard your classic car for whatever comes down the road, and the right coverage for your car can help you spend more time enjoying your car – even driving it to work once in a while – and less time worrying over protecting it from the unpredictable.

There are other requirements for qualification, but these are some important ones. Since you treat your car like the treasure it is, most carriers we work with will be up for you taking it to work once in a while – which means you can have the coverage your classic vehicle needs and you can show your coworkers your prize every now and then.

Protecting Your Classic Car…and Enjoying It Too

Bottom line, why shouldn’t an amazing vehicle like your classic car get to be driven to work sometimes? You deserve that simple pleasure, and as long as your classic car is not the vehicle you use for daily transportation, you should be able to take it out once in a while. Here at Collector Car Insurance, we know how much joy you get from your classic car, and we want you to have the freedom to thoroughly enjoy it and get the coverage you need to safeguard your car against the unpredictable. Your classic car is a gem, and you deserve the ability to show it off to your co-workers from time to time. Contact us and we can talk about helping you find the right insurance policy to protect your classic car so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.