You love your new collector car, and you want the right insurance coverage for it. However, when you think “classic car insurance,” you might picture that coverage only applying to older collector cars. You might be asking yourself, “How old does my collector car need to be to get classic car insurance?” It is a good question – and the answer may surprise you. We can insure brand new collector cars (such as Corvettes, Camaros, and Mustangs, to name a few) right out of the gate, as long as your collector car is not the vehicle you drive for daily use.

There is every reason to insure your new collector car with the right classic car insurance, and the age of your collector car is not the determining factor. Now, it can’t be the car you drive when you are running errands or taking kids to baseball games, but your collector car doesn’t have to age in order to earn classic car insurance. Your collector car can be right off the lot and we can offer you the coverage you want and need for your beautiful collector vehicle.

What to Keep In Mind When You Are Looking to Insure Your New Collector Car

  • The age of your collector car is not the determining factor, and your new collector car can have a classic car insurance policy. Just because your Mustang is brand new does not mean that it doesn’t deserve to have classic car insurance to protect it. Why should it not have the right coverage to safeguard it just because it is new? If it is a collector car, it should be treated as such.
  • You do have to have another vehicle for daily use. Your collector car cannot be the vehicle you use for day-to-day activities (however, that doesn’t mean you cannot take it out every once in a while), so you need to have another vehicle to take care of your daily needs.
  • The right classic car insurance policy factors in your car’s unique needs.Your collector car is not an ordinary vehicle, and the coverage needs that a collector car has can vary significantly from the needs of a daily-use car. The right policy will make sure that your car is treated like the gem it is – and give it the safeguarding it really needs.
  • The right coverage can help you enjoy your classic car more, because you can rest easier when your car is well protected. Your car deserves to have the right coverage for its needs, and you deserve the ability to thoroughly enjoy your collector car. You didn’t acquire your beautiful collector car just so you could worry about it sustaining damage – and there is no reason that you should settle for less than safety for your car and enjoyment for yourself. Have that in mind when you are searching for the best policy for your car – after all, you and your car deserve the best.

Your collector car deserves the coverage that will best protect it from any unexpected misfortunes that might come up along the road, and the fact that your car is young does not change the fact that it is a collector car. You can give your vehicle protection that goes above and beyond, safeguarding it so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. We believe that you should get as much joy as possible out of your collector car, and a crucial part of that foundation is having the right classic car insurance to protect it.

Protection Your Collector Car Deserves

Your collector car deserves to have the classic car insurance coverage that will protect it from the unexpected issues that crop up when you least expect. No matter how young your collector car is, you can get the protection that it truly deserves and the policy that will safeguard it for years to come. There is no reason for you to figure out what your car needs all on your own – we are available to help you navigate the ins and out of insuring your collector vehicle. Contact us at Collector Car Insurance and we can help you give your collector car a great start to its bright future.