Antique Car Insurance

Your antique car is a work of art, and you don’t want to find yourself without the right antique car insurance for it. There are many reasons why you should have a good insurance policy for your antique car, one of them being that you want to ensure that should it suffer damages, you will have the right coverage to make repairs and replace parts. You want your antique car insurance policy to properly safeguard it should it be damaged in the future. Your antique vehicle is not on the same plane as a regular car: it retains value – perhaps even grows more valuable, with age – unlike the Chevy suburban you pick up the kids in.  As such, your insurance needs for your antique car are not the same as your insurance needs for your everyday vehicle.


We understand that an antique car should not be treated like a regular vehicle when it comes to properly insuring it. Its value cannot be compared with an ordinary car’s value, and a regular auto insurance policy does not reflect the unique attributes that your antique vehicle possesses. While you cannot predict what mishaps your antique vehicle may encounter, you can make sure that it has an insurance policy that reflects its true value – and should an issue arise concerning your antique vehicle, you will be glad that you took the steps to properly insure it. After all, your antique car is more than just an asset – it is something you have poured yourself into, something you are invested in. We believe that you deserve to have it properly safeguarded, and we are here to help you find the coverage that best fits you and your antique car.


Why You Need Antique Car Insurance For Your Antique Car


There are many benefits to having an antique car insurance policy for your antique vehicle –  these are a just a few key reasons antique car insurance would benefit you in safeguarding your antique car:



  • You could experience significant cost savings: this is an important factor to consider. It is less costly to insure your antique vehicle  under an antique car insurance policy rather than a regular auto insurance policy. Why pay more to insure your vehicle when you can be getting more specific coverage at a better rate? You can get the coverage your antique car needs – and make sure that you are not paying more than you should be for that all-important coverage.




  • It offers you original replacement coverage: if you find yourself in a situation where your antique car needs parts replaced, this coverage will be very beneficial for you. Having original replacement coverage means that if your vehicle needs repairs, the parts that are used will be (whenever it is possible) original parts.  How you use your vehicle is a factor in determining how much replacement coverage you will need, but should you find yourself in such a situation, you will be very glad you have the coverage.




  • Your car has protected value: the value of your vehicle is protected because of the “agreed value” (the value you and the insurance carrier agree on) it has. Should something happen to destroy your antique car, you will receive the agreed value on it. If you have a regular auto insurance policy, your car won’t be treated in the same way should something happen.




  • You get coverage that is tailored to your vehicle: no two antique cars are exactly the same, and you deserve to have coverage that fits your vehicle’s unique needs. You don’t want coverage that perfectly fits your neighbor’s car; you want coverage that is in sync with your antique car needs – and we are here to help you with that.



Antique Car Insurance That Fits Your Vehicle’s Needs


Your antique car is no ordinary vehicle – so why should you have a regular auto insurance policy for it, one that does not take into account its true value? You want coverage that is meant to protect an asset like your antique car. After all, retains value unlike a regular vehicle, and you need an antique car insurance policy that reflects your car’s value. It is a showpiece, a source of pride, a source of pleasure – and an investment that needs to be prudently safeguarded. We understand how much you care about safeguarding your antique car. Contact us today at Collector Car Insurance and we can talk about how to best protect your antique car for the present and the future.



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